Connecting the creativity of Science and Design.

Connecting the creativity of Science and Design we created a synergistic movement, a project in which the world of scientific discovery offers inspiration for the innovative minds of fashion designers. Descience creates collaborations between designers and scientists and brings research to the runway, providing a platform both for emerging designers and for science. 61 teams worked for a year from 47 different cities in the world, as a result Descience created a global network of Descientists, the hybrid thinkers that we hope will solve meaningful human challenges.



Museum of Fine Arts Boston and MIT EF Cambridge.

We created a collaboration between two organizations Museum of Fine Arts Boston and MIT EF Cambridge that translated in an evening to explore how Fashion and Technology will evolve in the next 10 years.

Fashion 4WRD was aim to reveal the future of design, fashion, science and technology in the city of Boston. The experience included thought leaders and a collection of raising starts companies that were leading the way in an interactive space, the future lab. This event was the kick off to the unique #techstyle collection exhibit in the museum past XX dates.



Cultivating a next generation of talent and entrepreneurship. 

Chilean Science entrepreneurs lack the resources and opportunities to develop their technologies in the country, however the ideas and business model have the potential to a global impact. For 4 years Aji Challenge has brought to MIT the future generation of technologies invented in Latin America. These companies have found patent strategy, advisors and mentors to support the key steps of entrepreneurship.



How we scale the impact of new technologies and businesses 

The alliance between Chile and Massachusetts is not an obvious match, two economies that depend on different key resources. The Chilean economy depends on natural resources and Massachusetts has developed a robust economy of  knowledge and technologies. After few years of Memorandum of understanding between these two regions, an strategy to connect and bridge both has emerged as “Chile Massachusetts Alliance Inc”, a non profit corporation dedicated to foster innovation in technologies, education, energy and technological investment. This organization connect both ecosystems.